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Thank God I…® bills itself as, “Today’s Inspirational Publisher And A Whole Lot More…”

KB2Intuit developed this innovative site from the ground-up…

It is WordPress-based and has a full KB2Intuit CMS architecture on the back end with features such as:

  • User Role Management/Permissions
  • Full Project Management and Project Tracking Systems
  • A Robust Social Community and Forum
  • A Live-Help System
  • A Sophisticated File-Management System
  • E-Commerce
  • Automated Product Fulfillment Processes
  • Affiliate Sales/Commission Process and Tracking
  • Integrated Email and Text/SMS Communication Systems
  • And Much More!!!

When KB2Intuit took over this project, there was an existing web site but there was essentially no Alexa Rank and the site was hidden deep in the search engines for key terms/phrases.

Today, this site ranks 282,814 in the world on Alexa and 50,308 in the United States.

Now, is also ranked in the #1 spot on Google for the terms “Thank God” and “I Thank God“.

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