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When you are building your homes, do you cut corners? Would you ever consider using sub-standard materials to save a buck? Would you hire a plumber and expect him to complete the wiring? Of course not. Why? Because you know that shortcuts only come back to bite you in the butt in the long run and your reputation depends on top-notch results. And you can’t expect someone with moderate knowledge of an industry to do the same quality of work as someone who has spent their career mastering a trade.

Our work is no different…

Integrity, Quality, and a Commitment to Excellence are the Cornerstone of Everything We Do. Along with a Solid Confidence that We Have the Skills, Abilities, and Dedication to Meet and Exceed Your Expectations.

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But to also save you a little time, here are the highlights…


You get a full-featured, high-quality, website that sucks in traffic, develops leads, and helps you quickly and easily convert those leads into customers!


You get your own Social mini-Network connecting your  custom Facebook Fan Page, custom Twitter account, LinkedIn Profile, custom YouTube Channel and  customized Pinterest Boards!

Branding your business in the Marketing Arena of the Social-Network-Generation!

In our Monthly Service Plan, we will take care of ALL of that for you!

Monthly Service Plan (Social Media, SEO, Web Maintenance): $1000 Per Month

In this plan we will optimize your web site for specific, scientifically-derived keywords, so the search engines “like” it.Why? Because when the search engines “like” your site, you come up higher in the search engine rankings.

However, it is important to KNOW – NOT GUESS – what keywords your ideal client is actually searching for to find what you offer (this is usually much different than people think off the top of their head). Thus, KB2Intuit will begin this phase by doing a full “Ideal Customer Profile” and “Keyword Analysis” within the first week of monthly service.

We also optimize the web site further so that visitors stay longer (which usually results in more conversion) and implement a mechanism to capture website leads so they can be followed-up with by a trained sales professional of the client/company.

Finally, we generate “buzz” for the business in the social media venues (in addition to using the social media outlets as part of a backlink/content strategy), thereby increasing site visitors and then conversion as outlined above AND we help to develop the business as a “brand” with continuity and top-of-mind-awareness across the World Wide Web.

Not to mention, we do ALL the maintenance and further development on your site – whenever you need it – as part of this one monthly fee. (No more trying to figure out what that “small change” here and that “big change there” is going to cost you!)

And here are just some of the strategies we will use:

Blogging and Content development for website | “External” link building strategies | “Internal” link building strategies | Registration and maintenance of company profiles/presence on major directory sites | “Article Marketing” strategy | “Video Marketing” strategy | A “Press Release” content/marketing strategy | Keyword-Driven “Landing Pages” that divert traffic back to lead capture | Capture of leads and “hand off” to client

Regular tracking/analysis/tweaking of ranking to maximize positioning as quickly as possible.

Thank you so much for giving us to the opportunity to present this proposal.  If you decide to move forward with us, we know you will be very satisfied with your decision. If you have made the decision to work with us, all that is left now is to click on the “Pay” button below to pay the deposit for the 1st phase – the Website Development.

The deposit is $375. Once the deposit is made, we will create a project management account for your team representative where he/she can upload all the images and other information we will need (a list will of “To Do” items will sent upon receipt of deposit) and that information will be sent to that person. Please just notate an email address for our contact person on your team in the “Notes” area when you make your payment. 

OR… if you still have additional questions prior to making your final decision, please feel free to call Kim at 850.420.7878 or Keith at 850.855.0264.

Thank you!

The KB2Intuit Team

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