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“If you build it, they will come.” Right?

Most of the time, the answer is, “No.”

Marketing is the act of spreading the word about an idea, business, group, or entity to generate awareness, interest, and/or business. Really, there are very few businesses that can survive – and especially thrive – without marketing. Yet, effective marketing is a skill and some would argue, a talent, that can be hard to master.

When referring to an Internet presence or web-based business, successful marketing can be even more elusive because the Internet is just so vast. Reaching out to your specific audience – or potential customers – can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.  Some even refer to it as, “…capturing lightning in a bottle.”  While true it’s not particularly easy to learn how to market via the web, there are some basic fairly-scientific, tested, practices and principles that can produce fairly consistent results every single time.  The key, as with anything, is finding the right teacher to teach you the right methods, or a firm with a proven history of successful execution to do it for you.

But getting traffic (visitors) to your website is only half the battle. The key to financial rewards is being able to “convert” that traffic into customers. Strong copy, which follows precise formulas, is a big part of that.  Another large component is providing your visitors exactly what they are looking for, quickly and easily, when they get to your site… keeping in mind that people buy solutions – not really mere products or services.

It’s also important to remember that visitors/customers rarely buy on their first visit… whether that is to a brick-and-mortar business or to a website.   Thus, well-planned PR and follow-up strategies are crucial too, cleverly designed to keep you and your products and/or services top-of-mind and relevant until the prospect decides to become a patron.

Of course, today, social media is a big part of that. Many professionals, businesses, companies, and organizations, are wasting their time in their social media efforts because they are doing it completely wrong.  Yes, there are proven formulas for effective use of social media too.

Here’s your freebie for the day…

If you are using the word “marketing” with “Social Media“, you are one of the ones those people who are either totally squandering your time on social media OR your are getting only a fraction of the results you could be enjoying.

Here’s the bottom line…

Always remember that with traditional or online marketing, traditional or online PR, web design, search engine optimization, social media marketing services, etc., one of the most important things in choosing a design or designer is experience, effectiveness, and accountability.  Your partner in these efforts – or someone you hire – should be able to tell you exactly what they will do and what level of results you should be able to expect from those efforts.

There are a lot of designers and consultants out there that create web sites, do SEO (search engine optimization) work, and perform social media marketing. And some of them can produce some very beautiful proposals, marketing plans, marketing pieces, websites, profiles, and campaigns! Yet, “beautiful” materials that do not perform – that do not help you get traffic (visitors) by making you easy to find in the search engines – and then turn that traffic into customers, are nothing more than the proverbial “pretty face”.

Here’s another free tip:

If someone is doing such work for you, you should pretty quickly begin to see your search engine ranking rise along with your traffic and they should provide you reports of this information at least once per month.

Thus, if you are choosing between KB2Intuit and our competition for any of the services below, you can rest assured we will provide all of the aforementioned without you ever having to ask.  And we can prove we know what we are doing.  As just one example of our documented expertise, our CEO/President – Kim Brooks – served as ghostwriter, with “Executive Editor” credit, for a well-known print book on the top methods in web traffic.

Expertise, experience, and accountability… it’s what you pay for and what you deserve.  After all, don’t you want to be more than just another “pretty face”?

Here’s a brief overview of the Marketing, Internet Marketing, and Social Media Services we offer:

  • Local marketing campaign design and execution (broadcast, print, direct mail, Google local)
  • Internet marketing (ongoing & special promotions /launches)
  • Web-traffic generation
  • Social Media Profiles (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) and planning, instruction, and done-for-you services
  • Article / Video / Blog Marketing Strategies & execution
  • Newsletter / Autoresponder setup and implementation
  • QR Codes
  • Text (SMS) – Based Marketing
  • Loyalty and Reward Programs
  • Affiliate Program Setup and Design

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