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KB2Intuit began as Genesis Consulting LLC, a small, local, firm in October of 2006.


Today, KB2 Intuit is a leader in the Niceville, Destin, and Fort Walton Beach, Florida (and surrounding areas) known for producing professional and effective business and marketing plans, tools, products, campaigns, websites, and custom software solutions.

The principals of KB2Intuit have a combined 30+ years experience in their primary areas of business. Furthermore, KB2Intuit is rapidly becoming internationally known for their “uncanny wizardry” in emerging technologies such as search engine domination through highly effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in about 30 days.

From business strategy and plans; to logo design and branding; to marketing, web design, and social media… After a thorough discussion with you regarding your needs and desires, KB2Intuit will craft a personalized quote designed specifically for you, your goal, and perhaps most importantly, your budget.

The bottom line is that with KB2Intuit, no longer will you be at the mercy of large agencies or firms who can “take or leave” your patronage, often resulting in you having to “take or leave” their prices! No, we’re not some big, fancy, firm. But that also means we don’t have their big, fancy, prices…

Kim Brooks COO Gensis Consulting and KB2IntuitKim Varner Brooks, President/CEO, spent 11 years as a Business Management and Marketing Professional before deciding to start her own company.  Nearly intuitively, Kim has long been known for her ability to pinpoint – with laser focus – points of breakdown or inefficiency within a business or organization, then developing short and long-range solutions to those problems, as well as the exact formula for the implementation of those solutions.  This has resulted in Kim earning the reputation as a business efficiency and turnaround expert with the skills, experience, and talent to bring all her visions to life, for both “brick-and-mortar” and web-based business.

Keith Brooks Genesis Consulting and KB2IntuitIn early 2010, Kim’s husband Keith Brooks – a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer – joined the company full-time as Vice-President/Chief Technology Officer.  Keith’s full-time addition to the company greatly increased the range of services able to be offered and so catapulted this small, local, company into a major player in the traditional and online business arenas, as well as in the field of custom software strategy and development.

In light of this transition and expanded direction, Kim and Keith decided their business also needed a new look, feel, and name.  And so Genesis Consulting LLC became KB2Intuit (Inc in progress) – a name which Keith and Kim felt better reflected their expanding modern, technological, direction.  Yet, while the name and look are relatively new, KB2Intuit vows to continue to deliver the same quality and results customers have come to know and expect from Genesis Consulting where “meeting and exceeding expectations” has long-been the ongoing mantra.

Kim Brooks – CEO/President

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Kim Brooks - President CEO Genesis Consulting and KB2Intuit.comDr. Rodney Cox, former Vice-Chancellor of Troy University once wrote about Kim:

“I have worked closely with Ms. Brooks for over three years and rate her in the top 1% of professionals I have worked with in my 30 years of experience as a Vice President of a University and President of two very innovative community colleges. Ms. Brooks has an uncanny knack of taking ‘The Big Picture’ and breaking it down into goals and plans that can be utilized by all who are involved with her vision.”

Kim Brooks currently has more than 15 years’ experience in marketing and management and a 12-year year successful track record in designing, developing, and growing corporate and organizational presences via the Internet through traditional and online strategies. She has been a high school teacher and then started Troy University’s ultra-successful Undergraduate Online Learning program, winning several accolades and awards not only for the University but also for herself.  Ultimately, Kim’s pioneering accomplishments at Troy resulted in her earning the prestigious position “Associate Regional Director of the Troy FL and Western Region/Director of Distance Learning and Marketing“. She also served on the Chancellor’s Strategic Athletics and Marketing Committee as Troy transitioned into D1 football.

Since leaving Troy, Kim has operated as the President and CEO of Genesis Consulting LLC (now; “Inc.” in progress) and is the Creator/Editor for the well-known ‘Mommy Blog’ – The Business Babe Guide. Kim is also releasing her first, self-penned, book/e-course The Business Babe Guide to Social Media Marketing for Beginners in 2011. 

In 2005, Kim also became a Certified Real Estate Mortgage Consultant and served as the Director of Marketing, Technology, and Training for Alternative Funding Corporation from 2005 – 2009. In this role, she developed (and would then manage) the company’s exclusive “Premier Lending” division and Kim personally generated in over $12MM in new business in her first year with the firm.

Aside from her professional accomplishments and achievements, Kim is also a proud mother of two boys – Wesley (12) and Grayson (8) – and wife of 13 years to the most amazing husband in the world… Keith Brooks. As a family, they spend 90% of their “free” time year-round at youth travel baseball tournaments (nearly every weekend as both boys play) and on the football field.

Kim’s Personal “Thank God I…”(s):

  • Thank God I… Married My Husband
  • Thank God I… Have 2 Amazing Sons
  • Thank God I… Was Blessed With Amazing Parents
  • Thank God I… Never Give Up
  • Thank God I… Don’t Know the Meaning of the Word “Lazy”

Kim’s Favorite Quote:

When life gives you lemons, find someone who life gave tequila, and throw a party. Then, throw out the trash, pick yourself up, and get back in the game!

Keith Brooks – CTO/Executive Vice-President Information Technologies

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Keith is a fully-degreed and licensed Software Engineer and Web Development Expert with 15 years’ experience in architecture and full design implementation.

Keith can turn almost anything you imagine – in terms of software function and capability – into reality.

He is also a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer® who has done work for clients or employers such as:

  • Covenant Hospice
  • AES – a Division of ExxonMobil
  • ERA American Realty
  • Baker Lindsey Mortgage
  • Global eTelecom
  • eLead/Fresh Beginnings
  • Edwin Watts Golf Shops
  • Bit-Wizards
  • CyberPayUSA
  • And several other medium – to small businesses.

In 2005, Keith also became a licensed Florida Real Estate Agent/Realtor.  And while he no longer practices Real Estate as a primary occupation, this experience provided him with an in-depth knowledge of the industry that he has used in numerous custom software programs and applications.  In fact, Keith is currently the Chief Developer – and he and Kim are primary partners – in a jointly-conceived and executed “Software Service Web-based Real Estate Transaction System” poised to revolution the way real estate companies do business today! (Tentatively scheduled to be released to the mass market in mid-2011.)

Dan Lopez – COO / Vice-President of Emerging Technologies and Marketing

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Dan Lopez is an undisputed Marketing and Technology genius hailing from Lake Ariel, PA.

Dan also gives new meaning to the term, “Intuitive Marketer” in that he truly is a holistic healer, reads Tarot cards, and guides past life regressions while at the same time being a master market researcher, WordPress dynamo, graphics expert, and copywriting maestro.

Dan’s other areas of specificalization include being ultra-versed in social media, campaign analytics, and targeted traffc generation.

Dr. Janie Varner – Vice-President Business, Development, & Educational Services

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Dr. Janie Varner - Vice-President Business Services, Development, and EducationDr. Janie Varner is a dynamic professional with 35+ years experience in education, administration, curriculum development, and leadership training.

Dr. Varner has been “Teacher of the Year” numerous times; a high school principal with consistent “A+” state ratings; a certified FL DOE trainer; Professional Dev Dir for the Okaloosa County School Board; liaison for the Okaloosa County University School; and Ex. Director of a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable foundation.

Since 2007, Janie has been a contract consultant for the Evaluation Systems Group of Pearson Education, Inc., the global leader in educational publishing—providing scientifically research-based print & digital programs to help students learn at their own pace…in their own way. She has also been an invited presenter at literally hundreds of seminars and workshops nationwide on leadership development, administrative supervision, organizational effectiveness, time management, task analysis, performance evaluation, technology learning activities, technology integration into the instructional arena, multiple intelligences and learning styles, and instructional pedagogy.

Dr. Varner develops and oversees all of KB2Intuit’s Organizational Development, Management, and Leadership programs and offerings, as well as serves as Academic Editor/Reviewer for all educational-based writing services.

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