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Our Business, Market, Design, and Web Services (Including SEO) Help You Increase Revenues As Cost-Effectively As Possible!

Most business, marketing, design, web, and Internet Marketing services we offer are available individually or on a package basis.  A summary of available services is provided further down this page beneath the very valuable information we share immediately following this paragraph.

Call or Contact Us at KB2Intuit for a free business analysis, web development, or marketing services (including SEO or social media) consultation.

After a thorough discussion with you regarding your needs and desires, we will craft a personalized quote designed specifically for you, your goals…and perhaps most importantly, your budget.  No longer will you be at the mercy of large agencies or firms who can “take or leave” your patronage, often resulting in you having to “take or leave” their prices! 

Also, always remember that with web design, optimization, and social media marketing services, one of the most important things in choosing a design or designer is effectiveness of their work.

There are a lot of designers and consultants out there that create web sites, do SEO (search engine optimization) work, and perform social media marketing. And some of them can produce some very beautiful work or websites!  Yet, “beautiful” work or a website that does not perform – does not help you get web traffic (customers) by making you easy to find in the search engines – is nothing more than the proverbial “pretty face“.  And if someone is doing SEO work for you, you should see PROOF of your search engine ranking rising… along with your traffic. When comparing web designers, SEO specialists, and social media marketing consultants, one tool anyone can look to is the “Alexa traffic ranking“. ***You should check out the Alexa Ranking ( for the website of the companies/individuals you are considering hiring and ask for proof or examples for others for whom they have recently done SEO or social media work.

The quick, high, initial search engine ranking we are able to obtain easily with many of our sites is one reason we create websites almost exclusively in WordPress. Not only does WordPress produce sites that are pleasing aesthetically, this platform also enables us to get you high results in the search engines FAST. Furthermore, it gives you the ability to log in and make changes to your site yourself just by clicking a couple of buttons – as easily as editing a WORD document!

Alexa Rankings are not perfect but they can be one quick and easy way to get a rough measure of the effectiveness or traffic of a web site. And while some may tell you that Alexa only uses the information from the browsing of those with the Alexa Toolbar, this is no longer the case. To help validate our results, in our portfolio we list the Alexa ranking of each of the sites we produce and/or for whom we are doing SEO or social media work. Thus, if you are choosing between KB2Intuit and our competition, always be sure to check out the Alexa rankings of their produced sites as well. After all, don’t you want to be more than just another “pretty face”?


  • Software Development (custom; most languages; nearly any database project imaginable)
  • Web and Blog Design (WordPress; Joomla; Drupal – see KB2Intuit website samples)
  • CUSTOM Themes (WordPress; Joomla; Drupal)
  • Logo Development, Design, and Creation
  • Ad Design, Development, and Production
  • Complete Branding Design & Collateral Development / Creation / Production
  • Other art/print/etc. (such as press-ready print book covers, digital posters, etc.)
  • Social Media Account Setup (Facebook Fan Page with specialized tabs, artwork, opt-ins, etc.; Custom Twitter Backgrounds and Twitter automation if desired; Squidoo page development and setup; Digg, StumbleUpon,, account setup; YouTube Channel creation and setup; etc.)
  • Social Media Marketing Execution
  • SEO (search engine optimization – with documented results)
  • Wholesale Printing (of nearly anything you can imagine) at 20 – 50% off “regular retail” pricing


  • Copywriting
  • Technical Writing
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Training & Education Manuals
  • Ghostwriting and/or Editing of Articles
  • Ghostwriting and/or Editing full trade/print BOOKS! (with very little startup cost and no inventory or initial order required through our “print on demand” contacts)


  • Voiceovers
  • High-Quality Commercial and Personal Video Production
  • Conversion of 35MM Slides/Negatives Into Digital Format and/or Video (with restoration)


*Prices start at $350

  • New Business Development (Plans, Proposals, Proformas, Business Plans, Marketing Plans, etc.)
  • Marketing (Plans, Proposals, Execution, Implementation, Advertising, Media Buying, Collateral Design and Development)
  • Web Traffic Instruction/Training/Execution
  • Social Media Training/Implementation and/or Social Media Marketing Account Management (*see “Creative” above) – Click HERE for Specific Information About Our Social Media Services
  • Public Relations (Strategy, Release Writing and Distribution – Online and Print)
  • Strategic Business Plans
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention
  • Business Rehab
  • Efficiency & Process Evaluation & Improvement
  • Policy & Procedure Manual
  • SOPs


*Prices Vary

  • Customer Service
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • New Employee


Request a FREE Quote for Specific Services OR Contact Us For A FREE 20-Minute, In-Person, or Telephone Consultation.

*Review Our Digital Portfolio / Samples HERE.

Website & Blog Design and Development

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The Importance of A Great Website Design:

In this day and age, any business without a quality, professional, website is leaving money on the table for someone else to grab.

It could be said that a website may well be one of the most important elements of any successful business today.  Almost anyone considering doing business with another person or group often begins the decision-making process with research. And today, most of that research involves searching for and about you online.  This includes social sites like Twitter and Facebook but most importantly, begins with a professional, clean, modern, and engaging website.  Sadly, the online presence of many businesses (or service providers) does very little other than provide a “digital brochure” for their offerings.  And while true this is better than nothing, a website designed and optimized for conversion (turning prospects into customers a.k.a. “revenue”) can be a very affordable way to increase customers (and revenue) exponentially in a short period of time.  We are highly trained in designing and developing websites that not only turn heads but also turn visitors into cash.

All of our web design and development projects are always based on platforms that make editing easy for the customer/end-user.  Full e-commerce (including shopping cart, affiliate program, autoresponder) integration available.

Platforms Used by KB2Intuit in Web Development:  WordPress  | Drupal  | Joomla  | DotNet | Custom Windows and PHP.  Click HERE to review just a small sampling of websites we have created…

☆IMPORTANT NOTICE:  When considering any web designer, developer, development company or organization that offers web traffic services (such as SEO / search engine optimization services and/or social media marketing) in addition to a standard design/hosting package, you should always review and consider the effectiveness of their own site and/or the sites for which they perform such optimization services on a regular or ongoing basis. Keeping in mind of course, if such an individual company only did the original on-page optimization and does not maintain such for the client, they can only be held partially responsible for the client’s ongoing traffic and search rankings. Their own site, however, should be at least among the top 5,000,000 sites in the world (at least) and among the top 1,000,000 in their home country.

Additionally, companies claiming or providing “search engine/keyword ranking services” should also be able to provide samples of rank they have been able to achieve for current and/or past customers if they were contracted for that service. For those of our samples for which we did perform keyword optimization, that is indicated as well. We will gladly provide that information to any potential or current client upon request. Just ask!

Today, every innovative website we develop at KB2Intuit receives in-depth keyword research and analysis as a standard feature of our design and development services. Without such research, attempting to “optimize” a site is like shooting in the dark. For example, it does you no good to be optimized for a word or phrase that gets little or no searches. It might be all well and good to be on the first page for a term but if no one (or few people) are searching for that specific term, well, it is really just a waste of time/effort.

Graphic Design

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression and some would go so far as to say you can rarely every change it.

The quality of your graphics and your image development can literally make or break your image in the first instant someone is exposed to your company and/or brand.  Graphic design should be more than just slapping together some images and hoping for the best.

With KB2Intuit, our goal is to create professional, crisp, designs that also speak to the customer/end-user in the native language of their heart and soul.  This means they connect with almost-instantly and you can then build on that positive immediate rapport to create a mutually-beneficial, long-lasting, professional relationship.

Here are just some of the Graphic Design services we offer:

  • Logo and Branding Package Design
  • Website Design
  • Premium/Custom Business Cards
  • Business Products (letterhead, envelopes, postcards, etc.)
  • Advertising Collateral (brochures, fliers, rack cards, etc.)
  • Promotional Products (such as art for give-aways; promotional clothing designs)
  • Custom Labels
  • Book Cover Art (print and digital)
  • Digital Video
  • And More!

Click HERE to Review Our Graphic Design portfolio

Click HERE to Review Our Graphic Design Rates

Marketing, Internet Marketing, & Social Media

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“If you build it, they will come.” Right?

Most of the time, the answer is, “No.”

Marketing is the act of spreading the word about an idea, business, group, or entity to generate awareness, interest, and/or business. Really, there are very few businesses that can survive – and especially thrive – without marketing. Yet, effective marketing is a skill and some would argue, a talent, that can be hard to master.

When referring to an Internet presence or web-based business, successful marketing can be even more elusive because the Internet is just so vast. Reaching out to your specific audience – or potential customers – can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.  Some even refer to it as, “…capturing lightning in a bottle.”  While true it’s not particularly easy to learn how to market via the web, there are some basic fairly-scientific, tested, practices and principles that can produce fairly consistent results every single time.  The key, as with anything, is finding the right teacher to teach you the right methods, or a firm with a proven history of successful execution to do it for you.

But getting traffic (visitors) to your website is only half the battle. The key to financial rewards is being able to “convert” that traffic into customers. Strong copy, which follows precise formulas, is a big part of that.  Another large component is providing your visitors exactly what they are looking for, quickly and easily, when they get to your site… keeping in mind that people buy solutions – not really mere products or services.

It’s also important to remember that visitors/customers rarely buy on their first visit… whether that is to a brick-and-mortar business or to a website.   Thus, well-planned PR and follow-up strategies are crucial too, cleverly designed to keep you and your products and/or services top-of-mind and relevant until the prospect decides to become a patron.

Of course, today, social media is a big part of that. Many professionals, businesses, companies, and organizations, are wasting their time in their social media efforts because they are doing it completely wrong.  Yes, there are proven formulas for effective use of social media too.

Here’s your freebie for the day…

If you are using the word “marketing” with “Social Media“, you are one of the ones those people who are either totally squandering your time on social media OR your are getting only a fraction of the results you could be enjoying.

Here’s the bottom line…

Always remember that with traditional or online marketing, traditional or online PR, web design, search engine optimization, social media marketing services, etc., one of the most important things in choosing a design or designer is experience, effectiveness, and accountability.  Your partner in these efforts – or someone you hire – should be able to tell you exactly what they will do and what level of results you should be able to expect from those efforts.

There are a lot of designers and consultants out there that create web sites, do SEO (search engine optimization) work, and perform social media marketing. And some of them can produce some very beautiful proposals, marketing plans, marketing pieces, websites, profiles, and campaigns! Yet, “beautiful” materials that do not perform – that do not help you get traffic (visitors) by making you easy to find in the search engines – and then turn that traffic into customers, are nothing more than the proverbial “pretty face”.

Here’s another free tip:

If someone is doing such work for you, you should pretty quickly begin to see your search engine ranking rise along with your traffic and they should provide you reports of this information at least once per month.

Thus, if you are choosing between KB2Intuit and our competition for any of the services below, you can rest assured we will provide all of the aforementioned without you ever having to ask.  And we can prove we know what we are doing.  As just one example of our documented expertise, our CEO/President – Kim Brooks – served as ghostwriter, with “Executive Editor” credit, for a well-known print book on the top methods in web traffic.

Expertise, experience, and accountability… it’s what you pay for and what you deserve.  After all, don’t you want to be more than just another “pretty face”?

Here’s a brief overview of the Marketing, Internet Marketing, and Social Media Services we offer:

  • Local marketing campaign design and execution (broadcast, print, direct mail, Google local)
  • Internet marketing (ongoing & special promotions /launches)
  • Web-traffic generation
  • Social Media Profiles (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) and planning, instruction, and done-for-you services
  • Article / Video / Blog Marketing Strategies & execution
  • Newsletter / Autoresponder setup and implementation
  • QR Codes
  • Text (SMS) – Based Marketing
  • Loyalty and Reward Programs
  • Affiliate Program Setup and Design

Custom Software Development

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In this day and age, businesses and companies are having to find ways to do more with less.  Key buzzwords are “increase productivity”, “decrease expenses/overhead”, and “maximize bottom line”.

Yes, there are many, many, many, software solutions – and software solutions providers – out there in the marketplace to help a commercial entity respond to this demand.  But what if… one size doesn’t always fit all?  What if you need a little of what this company or provider offers and a little of what another offers?  What if there isn’t one product or provider out there that meets all your specialized needs or desires?  Is it really smart or cost-effective to have to purchase multiple products or services just to get all the features you want or require to get all your specifications met?  Of course not…

At KB2Intuit, we realize that your needs and desires are not always the same as someone else’s and your needs and desires can’t always be met by an “out-of-the-box” solution..  We also realize your budget isn’t always the same as someone else’s either.

Of course, not every business-person or company has unlimited resources at their disposal to hire some big firm to create the exact software tool or platform you want or require.  But that doesn’t mean a custom software solution has to be out of reach for a business (or budget) of any size!

We have a software development team, led by CTO/Vice-President of Technology Keith Brooks – a fully-qualified, degreed, and MCSD-certified Software Engineer – that can assist you in creating the precise custom software application you desire, within your budget.  Keith personally oversees all requirements gathering, systems analysis, and architecture design proposals to give you the most “bang for your buck” possible.  In fact, whenever possible, Keith and will make recommendations of existing software components that can be woven together artfully by our team to provide exactly what you are desiring without the cost of complete customization.   This usually means you save BIG.   And when complete customization is necessary, Keith can often propose various options and scales of development which can be executed at a choice of price-points and/or in phases if budget allocation needs to be spread out for financial feasibility.

Most of our custom software development is web or “cloud”-based for ease of use and integration with current systems if desired.

The bottom line is that with KB2Intuit, “custom” meanscustom“…  We work with you closely and compassionately to ensure you get as much for your dollar as possible, as easily as possible, and as quickly as possible.  And of course, the initial consultation is always free!

Contact us today to request your complimentary analysis and custom software development quote. Stop wishing you had a software solution that did “…x,y,z,” allowing your business to be more efficient, more productive, and more profitable.  You can have it!  Your bottom line will thank you.  Yes… you can have your cake and eat it too!

Writing and Publishing Services

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Any kind of publishing – from the “traditional” book, to digital e-books, to web-based publications (articles, blog posts), and even print and/or web copy – can be one of the quickest ways to launch or strengthen the expert status or professional perception of any business professional or entity.   And usually with increased expert status, authority, and inferred professionalism,  comes increased business.  There it is again… another easy way to improve your bottom line!

Yet, most businesses grossly ignore or diminish the importance and effectiveness of quality writing – and publishing of any kind – on business (and revenue) generation.  Or perhaps, they realize its significance but they just don’t have the skillsets themselves or manpower available to do it right.

Producing quality writing is one of the things we do best.  We have a top-notch team of writers with talent in many different areas.

Here’s just a sample of the writing and publishing-assistance services we offer:

  • Blog posts
  • Press Releases
  • Articles (print and web-based)
  • Facebook and/or Twitter Posts
  • Copywriting (web/blog/salespage/advertising collateral)
  • Proofreading/Editing
  • Print Book Publishing (typeset, layout, cover design, project coordination and assistance, full ghostwriting available as well)
  • E-Book Publishing (layout, editing, cover design, publishing in PDF, ePub, and/or Kindle formats – full ghostwriting available as well)
  • Business Plans, Strategic Plans, Proposals, RFPs
  • Collegiate/Graduate Oversight and Editing (*We have an Executive Team Member with a PhD in Education)

Click HERE for Just A Small Sampling of Our Writing Services

Click HERE for Our Writing and Publishing Services Rates

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