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Spring Special

Apr 16, 2012   //   by kim   //   Articles, Blog Posts, Internet Marketing, Startups, Web Design / Maintenance  //  No Comments

KB2Intuit Drives SEO Up

We want to Get You Noticed

At KB2Intuit, our mission is to get your business noticed in the eyes of Google. That’s what we are here for.

Your mission, should you accept it, is to utilize the Spring (Ahead of your Competition) Special (details below) we are offering and let us do what we do.

Less than thirty days ago, I began to apply KB2Intuit techniques to the websites of three SEO clients. I would write a blog post for each. I would reconfigure some settings, research what was going on in the associated field, change some small things here and there and BAM!!!Google Report 2

Google Report 1

It is amazing how some of  things, when you know how and when to apply/modify them, can make the biggest difference in what Google thinks of your site!

Before you click on these reports to view them, I’ll explain a bit about them. First, the column in the far Left is the Keyword(s)/phrase(s) ¬†being targeted. Next, the color-coded column is the Keyword Ranking (for the website) in the eyes of Google. The colors are a quick way to identify what page your site will be listed on: Green is Page #1, Yellow is Page #2 and Orange is Page #3. The numbers in the column are the actual position in which your website will be displayed when the associated Keyword/phrase is searched. Finally, the column to the right of the colored column is the movement (in position) of the associated keyword since the last time the report was generated.

Oh, the second set of columns (colored and movement) are for Bing.

Report with Google and Bing

Spring Special

Step 1:

  1. Initial review of your current web-site
  2. Intense Keyword research based on you business and clients’ preferences.
  3. Initial adjustment/modification to current web-site to enhance keyword data
  4. Submission of new sitemap to Google

Step 2

  1. Weekly modifications to current web-site based on response from Google
  2. Authoring of blog/article based on keyword/phrase data
  3. 25 hours/month SEO Optimization and targeted content management
  4. Generate monthly SEO report and submit to client

Step 3:

Review SEO Optimization results over ninety (90) day time span. If the results are not dramatic and/or the client just doesn’t want to invest in SEO Optimization any longer, no new contract is created. If the results are dramatic, the business owner realizes the benefit of investing in SEO Optimization and the client is please with the service provided by KB2Intuit, a new contract will be created based on the market rate at such time.



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