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Using our vast experience in the Real Estate & Mortgage Industry, combined with our unrivaled Marketing & Technical expertise, KB2Intuit is NOW OFFERING services, products, & packages specifically for professionals in the real estate, mortgage, & building/construction industries who want or need personalized marketing and/or administrative advice, assistance, and execution.

KB2Intuit is now taking on a very limited number of “Full-Throttle RPM™” (REAL Professional Marketing) clients to receive personalized, priority, access to private-label marketing products and services on a monthly basis for one low monthly retainer fee. We are also offering some “Top-RPM™” services a la’ carte to real estate professionals, as well.

If you are interested in being considered as a KB2Intuit “Full-Throttle RPM™” service client (where our dedicated staff will basically be at your beck-and-call for custom graphic design and marketing services for an extremely-reduced monthly fee), please use our Contact Form and a member of our team will provide more information about the application process within 24-48 hours.

If you would like to learn about – or order – any of our “Top-RPM™” a la’ carte services, click the blue button below.

THIS IS NOT the same as “Paid SEO” or “Paid Search Marketing” where – when you stop being a client (stop paying) – your results…POOF!…disappear. The work we do is “organic” meaning we are planting seeds that grow into a full harvest of results. Our results don’t “go away” overnight when you stop paying unlike companies that claim to be “SEO Experts” but use paid methods to gain false search engine positioning.

*Due to the personalized nature of our “Full-Throttle RPM™”services, there will be an application process and KB2Intuit reserves the right to select “Full-Throttle RPM™” clients based upon our own private criteria.

**Also, do keep in mind that just as with any marketing/advertising firm which services multiple companies within the same industry or industries, all products and services are created to cater to the specific USP (Unique Selling Point[s]) of each individual/team. Therefore, there is no risk of duplication or no need for concern about “competitive edge/bias” between individuals for whom we perform work. Each individual/team is considered on a case-by-case, individual, basis. We simply provide the tools and services to help you spread your message quicker, easier, and more effectively.

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