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We are very proud of the websites we have created and in many cases, maintain.

Often, our maintenance services include hosting and frequently, ongoing SEO (Search engine optimization), Social Media, and web traffic generation services.

Please enjoy reviewing some of our favorite creations –

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Websites Designed and Developed by KB2Intuit Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, and Online (Internet) Marketing in Niceville (near Destin) Florida


When considering any web designer, developer, development company or organization that offers web traffic services (such as SEO / search engine optimization services and/or social media marketing) in addition to a standard design/hosting package, you should always review and consider the effectiveness of their own site and/or the sites for which they perform such optimization services on a regular or ongoing basis. Keeping in mind of course, if such an individual company only did the original on-page optimization and does not maintain such for the client, they can only be held partially responsible for the client’s ongoing traffic and search rankings. Their own site, however, should be at least among the top 5,000,000 sites in the world (at least) and among the top 1,000,000 in their home country.

Additionally, companies claiming or providing “search engine/keyword ranking services” should also be able to provide samples of rank they have been able to achieve for current and/or past customers if they were contracted for that service. For those of our samples for which we did perform keyword optimization, that is indicated as well. We will gladly provide that information to any potential or current client upon request. Just ask!

Today, every innovative website we develop at KB2Intuit receives in-depth keyword research and analysis as a standard feature of our design and development services. Without such research, attempting to “optimize” a site is like shooting in the dark. For example, it does you no good to be optimized for a word or phrase that gets little or no searches. It might be all well and good to be on the first page for a term but if no one (or few people) are searching for that specific term, well, it is really just a waste of time/effort.

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